Garmin Varia RTL515 – a review

Despite various attempts at different types of riding, I’m sure that I’m a roadie at heart. 99% of my riding is on the asphalt, and I love it. There is however a tiny problem. In most places I’ve ridden, separated bike routes are a rarity, if not a luxury - which means that I have... Continue Reading →

POC Ventral Spin – a review

The POC Ventral Spin helmet has a special place in my heart. About two years ago, I had a nasty crash with a van which suddenly pulled out in front of me. Despite my efforts to brake in time, my head hit the windscreen at about 25 km/h. Thankfully only a week beforehand I splashed... Continue Reading →

Hammerhead Karoo 2 – a review

Two years ago I took the big step and bought myself a proper bike computer (or a head unit), a Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt. This action felt like a rite of passage, progressing from being a casual cyclist to becoming a passionate data-driven amateur cyclist (define as you will). It promised the collection of large amounts... Continue Reading →

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