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BMB22 Day 6 – Greudnitz to Berlin

A stone’s throw to Wittenberg (checkpoint 8) The alarm rang, and this time I pushed the snooze button. I got up at 6am – what a luxury. After all, I only had 170km to ride today to Berlin and all by 4pm at the latest. 10 hours. Plenty of time. Time for breakfast. I took… Continue Reading →

BMB22 Day 5 – Eibenstock to Greudnitz

Running on empty The alarm rings at 4.30. I’ve slept pretty well, although that’s not too surprising given the comfy bed. It’s certainly better than a bench in a shower room. The first thing I notice when I get up is my back wheel, which is lying against the radiator under the window. It seems… Continue Reading →

BMB22 Day 4 – Regensburg to Eibenstock

The breakaway The alarm rang. Again. 4.30. This is getting tiring. The first challenge of the morning, get up off an inflatable mattress without being able to put my feet on the floor or making the damn thing squeak excessively. Back roll? Flip over and crawl? Easier said than done. The next 30 minutes are… Continue Reading →

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