Garmin Varia RTL515 – a review

Despite various attempts at different types of riding, I’m sure that I’m a roadie at heart. 99% of my riding is on the asphalt, and I love it. There is however a tiny problem. In most places I’ve ridden, separated bike routes are a rarity, if not a luxury - which means that I have... Continue Reading →

An end to bike theft?

A rather optimistic title perhaps. Humour me though. Picture the scene: it’s Saturday and you need to do some chores in the city. You could take the car or public transport, but you don’t really want to drive in circles for hours looking for a parking space and public transport takes forever. You take your bike.

POC Ventral Spin – a review

The POC Ventral Spin helmet has a special place in my heart. About two years ago, I had a nasty crash with a van which suddenly pulled out in front of me. Despite my efforts to brake in time, my head hit the windscreen at about 25 km/h. Thankfully only a week beforehand I splashed... Continue Reading →

Hammerhead Karoo 2 – a review

Two years ago I took the big step and bought myself a proper bike computer (or a head unit), a Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt. This action felt like a rite of passage, progressing from being a casual cyclist to becoming a passionate data-driven amateur cyclist (define as you will). It promised the collection of large amounts... Continue Reading →

Triban RC 120 – a one year review

Funny what can happen in a year. I had just lost my brand new Giant Propel aero bike (yes, I'm still peeved off, can you tell?) and decided to get myself a cheap and cheerful replacement. It was a strange time in that, even back in March, the demand in bikes due to COVID-19 was... Continue Reading →

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