Berlin-Munich-Berlin is an ultra-endurance bike “race” (or audax), following in the footsteps of similar races such as Paris-Brest-Paris and London-Edinburgh-London. Some refuse to call it a race, as it is not a race between the participants. Nevertheless for my purposes, it is a race against the clock. 1,500 km across central Germany, 11,000 metres of elevation, and all to be completed within 128 hours (5 days and 8 hours).

I took part in 2022, where BMB was in its 3rd year. Until then, my longest ride was 330 km. Whilst challenging, it was a pleasure to push myself and my bike (both metaphorically and literally on occasion) and to see how I responded to the pressure and various hurdles I encountered along the route, as well as meeting some incredible people.

I decided to put my thoughts down for anyone who wants to try BMB or something similar, and spread these out over several blog posts.

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BMB22 Day 1 – Berlin to Gera

The pre-race briefing, the grand départ from Berlin and the first day of riding. Will a crash hold us back?

BMB22 Day 2 – Gera to Regensburg

On day 2 we’re feeling strong and eat up the kilometers through Saxony, Thüringen and Bavaria to get to Regensburg, but the accommodation isn’t quite what we imagined.

BMB22 Day 3 – Regensburg return

Day 3 is an out and back race through Bavaria to make checkpoints 4 and 5 in time. Our little group start to break up.

BMB22 Epilogue

It was a journey of a lifetime. Some thoughts on how I changed over that amazing week, and how I managed with post-race blues.

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