Berlin-Munich 2021

In July 2021, I’m planning on doing my first long-distance audax – half of the Radmarathon Berlin-Munich-Berlin, totalling 704 km. Below are my blog posts where I set out my initial thoughts, preparation, ride experience, and debrief. This might be helpful for anyone planning for their own audax.

The road to Munich (1) – commitment

Reading time: 2 minutes Well, that was unexpected. About two weeks ago I was first told about the Radmarathon Berlin-Munich-Berlin. Little did I know, the idea planted itself into the back of my mind, where it has since then been been developing slowly and quietly. Yesterday it presented itself into my consciousness, fully developed as…

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The road to Munich (2) – the route

So, my registration has been confirmed. I’ve never planned or even ridden such a long route before, but thankfully the kind organisers at Berlin-Munich-Berlin (BMB) Radmarathon have already planned the routing between the checkpoints in detail and made the route files available on Komoot. One problem sorted. What do I need to do between now…

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Passau – Vienna (the Dom2Dom challenge)

The Donauradweg (Danube bike path) is a well established bike path in Austria running along the Danube river. Like many cycling enthusiasts, I recently decided to ride this – my journey would start at the St. Stephan’s cathedral in Passau (in Germany, on the border with Austria) to St. Stephan’s cathedral in Vienna – a… Continue Reading →

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